Friday, November 26, 2010

Snyder-Do: Catching up...Quick!

This is how we started out.  Just two of us.  I'm the second child to Paul and Christy Snyder.  First born though, Andy is adopted but he's older than me by a very small amount of time.  A bit of background, I'm not real sure what my family has shared with the rest of Sim Nation.  Mom and Dad wanted kids real bad, and rather than waiting for nature to take it's course, they called up Twin Ridge Social Services and adopted Andy.  They hadn't even hung up the phone when they found out they were pregnant with me.  I'm the first in a long line of daughters.  Brittne.  The darling man in the above picture with me is Armando Do.  We met at TRU and fell in love immediately.  Unfortunately, I started there before he did by one full semester, so I graduated a bit sooner than he. 

So, after graduation I spent my days trying to keep myself busy.  I entered a baking contest only to be set next to my dad.  That was stressful!  Thankfully, neither of us won!

Rather than hang around and share our self pity, I found a new hang out.  I met these nice sims, but as I said, I was just doing things to pass time until Armando could join me at our new home that was special built for us.  

I decided to work on my fitness, only to have heat stroke!  It was right about then that I decided I should take up different hobbies.

It was also right around then that Armando graduated and surprised me at another baking contest I joined!  Needless to say, I didn't stay!

Pretty soon, I started feeling a bit sick.  I didn't think I had the flu or anything, considering my middle was also growing!  Armando and I both want large families.  As I come from a family of 11 kids, it's only natural, however Armando is from an orphanage, and has the opposite upbringing.

My pregnancy seemed to fly by and I gave birth to our first set of twins!

Brody is Armando's look-a-like!  If we had pictures from his childhood I have no doubt this is what he would look like.

Rather than fill up our first report with a million pictures of our babies, I'm jumping right to how my boys look like now.  This is Brody as he looks today.

Our first born of the twins is Adam.  He has the Snyder look for sure!

But I'm really not sure where he gets his nose.  This must be from Armando's side somewhere.  Adam is one of those kids, though, that doesn't let that kind of thing bother him.  It's things like this that I wish mom and dad would get past their feelings about Armando and visit more.  They're missing so much!

Naturally, I became pregnant shortly after our boys were toddlers.  

And it's twins again!  This time we have girls!

Time flew by once again and we were celebrating the girls birthday.

Cheri on the right and Danielle on the left.  Our girls do everything together, just like their brothers before them.  This is a picture of the two celebrating another birthday!

Here's my Cheri as a child.  She's the tomboy of the girls.  She's the sweetest child I've ever met in my life.  Though, if anyone gives her sister Danielle a hard time, she's the first to come to Danielle's rescue.  Truth be told, Danielle's a good girl too, but she finds herself in more trouble than not!

And Danielle.  The female version of Armando and Brody!  There's no mistaking who the two take after!

This is a picture I found in the box that I wanted to include.  My boys before they became teens practicing for a concert together!

And my girls having a pillow fight their first weekend as children.

Oh yes, we are true to the Snyder name.  Once again, I found myself pregnant.  This one was a complete surprise.  No warning.

But, we didn't have twins again.  One little girl.  Erin.  Who, by the way, is spoiled by everyone in this house!  Armando and I both agreed that this will be our last child.  The house is starting to burst at the seams.  When I think about it, I wonder how mom and dad did it in that little house we grew up in!

Armando takes time with all of his children, but Erin is special to him.  He wanted to have more babies, but I told him I thought this should be it.  I don't want to be a rerun of my parents.  Not to mention, I think Andy has the family theme down pat..

Adam helped Erin transition to a toddler.  Of the boys, he's been the one to help out the most with his younger siblings.  Brody helps out too, but he's also studying to become a Chef one day, and Adam knows one day he will inherit this home, so he doesn't have to worry about making it "big" to have a nice home to bring his family up in.

Here you can see Erin's birthday celebration.  Armando and I have such good kids!  They get along so well and actually enjoy being with each other!

This picture was taken on the girls birthday, which is why they look so different.  But, sitting, is Cheri then Danielle.  Standing from left to right, Adam, Armando, me holding Erin, then Brody.

I don't know whether it's been mentioned, but Armando is in the music industry, hence the piano and violin.  He's been named "Rock God" for quite a while now.  I'm the head of the SCIA.  One of the issues my parents have with our relationship is that to them, Armando is not working in a "serious" career and I'm supporting the family.  However, Armando provides quite well!  I also seem to remember my dad not working for the longest time.  But, being the "good girl" that I am, I don't argue with them.  I simply hang up the phone.

I love this picture of Brody playing with the girls!  This picture was actually taken on Erin's birthday!  Adam was in the bathroom changing Erin's appearance while this picture was being taken.  Just another example of how the kids all get along so well!

Well, this is the end of our report.  It snowed last night, and I thought it looked so pretty, so I thought I'd include it here.  Til next time, folks!

Odd Pics out:

The boys room after a serious cluttering bout by yours truly!

What was that rule about "No girls in the bedroom"?!!


Librarian said...

That made for a very nice morning coffee read, thank you, Mel! I love the "formal" family picture, and the picture of the house in the snow.

Mel said...

Thanks, Meks! I was actually sad to have to stop playing this family. They are a lot of fun, even though there are so many of them, but then again, nearly all of the families in Twin Ridge are large! :)