Saturday, November 27, 2010

Carol Snyder-It's All About Nature

Well, I suppose it's my turn.  Carol here, third child of Paul and Christy Snyder, second born, second daughter.  I know.  "Say what"?!  I'm sure my sister Brittne quickly explained that she's really the first child because mom and dad adopted Andy.  It's an on-going thing between those two. Anyway, the above picture is a collage that my partner Rosemarie and I put together.  This is basically where I think dad left everyone on us.  We married, we adopted Aiden, we taught him to walk, he became a child.  So lets move along to the rest of our story, shall we?

Rosemarie and I spend most of our evenings working on our chosen passion.  She enjoys painting while I enjoy creating new patterns for clothes, or curtains.  I've not worked a day in my life, whereas Rosemarie was the Education Minister for a while.  She recently left her job, basically because we have more than enough simoleons to live out the rest of our days.

On Rosemarie's last day of work, I invited my parents and my youngest siblings that still live at home, over.  The two youngest didn't come over as they had school work and projects.

While dad blogged about his favorite hobby, sports, mom caught up with Aiden and enjoyed listening to his stories about school.

Rosemarie found her way over to dad eventually, like I knew she would and kept him in deep conversation for a little while.  I've known since TRU that my partner has had a crush on my father.  Mind you, I have never had any attraction to the opposite sex, whereas Rosemarie was the head cheerleader for all four years at TRU.  She dated many guys, mostly from the football team.  Her attraction to me confused her terribly and had a hard time accepting her love initially.  Eventually, she grew to accept our love.

One things for sure, she loves our son very much!  She had the pond in the back dug for him, she had a small playground installed for him, and I assure you, anytime Aiden wants a snack, be it cookies, cake, soda, etc., he gets it.  No matter if I say "No".

I'd been feeling lately like somethings been missing and tried to talk to Rosemarie about it.  She's always wanted a child of her own, and I know that was one of the things she had the hardest time with.  I started to research other options, once again.

Meanwhile, she continued her painting and eventually got into the Zone.

In a little corner of our bedroom, our diplomas, insect collections, and plaques for the Arts and Crafts hobby adorn the wall.

My little brother came home with Aiden one day from school.  It was really nice to see him as I have never been in the same childhood home with him.  It was especially nice for Aiden that particular day!

Aiden maxed out his fitness skill and.....

Became a teen!  What a great looking young man, no?

Meanwhile, I kept my gardens.  I had heard somewhere that the more you spray insecticide on your plants and trees, the happier they and you will be.  I didn't understand the time....

Because the next thing I knew, I was what I'd only heard rumors about.  A Plantsim!

I had to remove the make up.  I took one look at myself in the mirror and realized that green and rainbow colors do not mix!

Rosemarie and Aiden, unfortunately did not take to my transition very well.  They would literally ignore me when I'd walk in the room.  I had no idea how to address this.  I spoke with mom, and if I was surprised over their accepting my being gay, I was even more so when she was ecstatic over my being a Plantsim!  "Paulie!!  We gotta go see the girls!  No, no, not at TRU, Carol and Rosie.  Wait til you see your little girl...."  That was what I heard when mom and I hung up!  I am so relieved that mom and dad are so understanding!

I wanted a family photo, so I dragged Rosemarie and Aiden out to the back patio.  I think all you have to do is look at this picture and you can see that my transition caused a huge rift in our household.

Aiden snuck out at night, thinking I didn't know.  He was picked up by his cousin, Adam.  I called Brittne to talk to her the next morning about it, but all she kept saying to me is "Wow, Carol, I suppose that Andy will want to be a Plantsim next and he'll say he did it first".  I really wish she'd let go of her childish grudges!

Aiden snuck back home, still believing I had no idea he was out.  He's been such a good kid, so I thought I'd let it go for a bit, and if his behavior continues, I'll talk to him about it.  After all, I don't require sleep anymore.

Then, Rosemarie surprised me.  I think what I took as anger and hurt from her, was really jealousy! 

My beautiful Rosie became a Plantsim right beside me!  Now she truly fits her nickname that mom has called her all these years!

Well, we did the only natural thing.  We sprouted babies!  (It's really funny watching this.  They shake their head like crazy and it looks like bugs are falling out of their hair!)

My little girl was born first, Basil.

And then Rosie had her little girl, Chamomile.  Yes, we purposely named them the way we did.

The difference between these little darlings as compared to raising Aiden, they do not require going to the potty, they already know how to walk, and they were able to talk right away!  Just like Rosie and I, all they require is sunlight, water and love!  So, we sat down and taught them our favorite nursery rhymes!

Aiden had no idea how to deal with all of the changes in our home.  He did what he thought was best and contacted the local Matchmaker and bought some plant potion.  He kept trying to get us to drink it, telling us it would make us feel so much better.  Rosie and I didn't know how to tell him that we feel better than we ever felt before!

So, one more family photo.  Aiden once again parked his butt on the back patio and forced a smile.  I did, however, catch him cooing to Basil the other day.  He won't fool me, I know he loves his little sisters!!  Well, that's it for now folks.  C'mon back when you need another dose of nature!

 Odd Pics Out:

Working outside in the garden makes one cold!

Can I get a collective "Ahh"? 


Librarian said...

Wow, what an unusual household!
I always thought Basil was a male surname (the actor Basil Rathbone cames to mind).
The last picture really does make one go "aaaw", doesn't it :-)

Mel said...

Well, I was trying to come up with names for the proper letter of the alphabet, and Basil came up. LOL I've been keeping track of the number of children in the household by the alphabet. I love when the toddlers "Huggle"! I think it's so cute! Even in real life! ;)

Hannah said...

Hi. I found your blog through BPS. And I just have to say... "AWWWWWW" I think they are the cutest ever. I just love toddler huggles. So sweet. I'm going to follow your blog now. I hope that's OK.

Mel said...

Hi Hannah! Welcome to "Twin Ridge"! I'm more than happy to have you following here! I hope you enjoy the stay! :)