Sunday, November 21, 2010


Business is booming, as they say!  Juan here.  Our bakery has become the little hot spot at Twin Ridge.  Opal works the register, and I usually keep the display cases stocked.  Whether I'm actually stocking the displays or cooking it up in the kitchen.  We thought we had life by the horns!  Our son, Aaron helps out when he's not working his part time job after school.  He's found that he has a love for the great outdoors as do I.  

I can be found at all hours of the day working our garden.  Aaron has earned his silver badge recently and has planted most of the plants in the garden.  He's starting to get the hang of working with the plants, weeding, spraying, etc.  We had the life.  Perfect in every sense of the word.  Then, it happened.

Opal woke up one morning feeling sick to her stomach.  She walked around a bit and started to think back on her day.

She'd drank a little of the green concoction that Andy'd told us about.  He'd said it would make us feel young again, so we thought, what the heck?  Opal and I take a swig of it about once every few days, and he's right!  We do feel younger!

Opal distinctly remembered getting sick to her stomach right after drinking the green goo.  One thing about it, it definitely does not have a good taste, and the texture of it...ick.

Then she remembered helping out in the bakery and partially burning one of the desserts.  So, she'd stuck it in our personal fridge, rather than serving it to our guests.  She thought maybe that may be why she'd fell sick earlier.

She ran into town later that day and bumped into Aiyana Snyder, Andy's wife.  She told her about how she'd been feeling recently, thinking Aiyana would have some other concoction she could recommend for feeling better.  She smiled when Opal'd finish telling her about her "illness" and said, "My dear, I think you're in for a few more months of agony".  Not knowing what Aiyana meant by that, she said "Well,what is it"!?  "Opal, my friend, if I'm not mistaken, you're pregnant".  When my wife told me about this discussion she had with Aiyana, I nearly fell out of my chair!  "What?!  That woman knows nothing"!  We'd not planned on having anymore kids.  Aaron is the only kid we wanted, and were quite happy with just him.  

But, Opal reminded me of a night not so long ago.  We'd thrown caution to the wind when whe'd had a superb write up about our bakery in the Twin Ridge Reports.  We were both so excited, we had to celebrate!

Sure enough, a few months later, Opal popped.  I suppose it's time we complete the renovations to the apartment above the bakery now.

In true Sim Nation fashion, Opal gave birth to our second child in the bathroom.  Her screams were heard down the street at Andy's place.  I got a call about five minutes after she'd given birth, from Andy.  "So, what'd she have, buddy"?  Sometimes, those Snyders really rub me the wrong way.  They know way too much!

But, Andy and Aiyana were right.  We welcomed our second child and son into our family.  We named him Brad, and of course he has raging red hair like the both of us.  Aaron took to his little brother quite easily.  Honestly, we didn't know how Aaron would react to the idea of having a younger sibling, being as he's almost about to go to college.

Time flew, as it normally will when there's a baby in the house.  We continued with our bakery, gardening and diaper changing.  Aaron was a great help with all three!  He was even the one who helped Brad transition into a toddler!

We all agree that he looks like me whereas Aaron looks more like Opal.

Pretty soon, Opal started feeling sick again.  This time, she knew what the cause was....

Yep, looks like our little family of 4 is growing into a family of 5...or will it be 6 this time?!

Oh, in case anyone's forgotten what I look like, I'm the guy talking to the trees.


Librarian said...

I love the bakery!! It makes me want to play a household with a bakery, too :-)
Do you have your Sims have so many kids because it is part of their lifetime want or simply because you enjoy playing big families?

Mel said...

The bakery is so much fun! Another household I have has a floral shop. I love the home businesses. Well, originally, I was only going to have them have how ever many babies it takes to get a boy, but....I downloaded that hack that allows silent pregnancy and pregnancy with woohoo. (I can't remember which one it is) and I'm getting a lot of "surprise" prenancies. So, I think I will have to start minimizing woohoo! ;) But, I actually do really enjoy the large families. I have to figure out what I'm going to do though with so many families! Twin Ridge is going to be VERY populated if I keep this up! LOL