Monday, November 22, 2010

MidlockSteele-Knowledge Meets Alien

We didn't think it could happen in our little town.  But it can.  More about that later.  BJ Steele here.  Spouse of the beautiful Christa Midlock-Steele.  Father of Adelle and Baxter Steele.  And....

I'm putting off the inevitable.  Christa and I both agreed that I would be the one telling of this chapter of our lives.  So much has happened in our family and I'm a chronicler.  So, it is I who you will hear from.  Christa may write the next chapter...again, I digress.  We both work full time jobs, I as a Mad Scientist and Christa is the Chief of Staff at Twin Ridge Hospital.  Along with that, we run a florist shop below our apartment.  In this picture, you can see Andy Snyder deciding on some flowers for Aiyana.

My lovely bride is a jack of all trades.  She's constantly working on one project or another.  Here she's working on some curtains for our bedroom.  

Our daughter Adelle has jumped right into the family business.  Already she's up to a Silver badge in building floral arrangements!

She's also quite good with the customers.  She always seems to know what to recommend for their wants.  Already, between Adelle's salesmanship, my cashier work, and Christa's floral arrangements, we have brought our family business up to level 8!

As I mentioned, Christa is always working on one project or another.  She recently brought home this old car and insisted that she could return it to it's former glory.  With our bank account growing, I couldn't say no, as it didn't cost much and it made her smile to work on it.

And of course, she was right!  Blue being the color of our home, she chose to color coordinate!

One night, just like with Opal across the street, Christa woke up feeling not so well.  She looked out the window and wondered if this was how Opal felt when she discovered she was pregnant.  She thought she would know, being as she'd had two children already.

But soon enough, the evidence was apparent.  We were going to have another little one running through our halls.

With all of the excitement of Christa becoming pregnant, and us telling all of our friends, we nearly forgot Baxter's birthday!  He became a handsome young man and looks forward to going onto TRU.  Of course, I'm looking forward to the day when I can pass the florist business off to him.  Though, I saw him looking through TRU brochures the other day looking for classes specializing in Video Game Designing.  Well, Christa and I can manage a full time job as well as the floral shop, he will too!

He jumped right into earning his first badge with floral arrangement and also earned the attention of the "Underground Art Group".  Christa tells me this is not the name they go by, but as covert as they act, I can't imagine any other name!

 Adelle continues to work on her sales technique..

And her restocking abilities, while Baxter works on his sales techniques...

And Christa works on her cash register abilities.  Where do I fit in all of this?...

We close the shop on Sunday's and spend the day together as a family.  Christa's been telling me I've been spending far too much time at the telescope but I enjoy finding new constellations and discovering new stars and planets.  Well, I spent a little too much time at the telescope one Sunday.  Hence the first picture in this report of mine.

The kids were worried about me and why I'd suddenly disappeared while looking through the scope.  Though both of our children are Knowledge Sims, neither has the desire to meet any Aliens.  Christa explained to them what happened, but they couldn't believe that we'd be happy about it!

Of course when I was dropped back off by my new friends, Christa was thrilled to pieces and had a fistful of questions for me.  I was happy to tell her all about it...with one exception.  My friends from Strangetown were right...but maybe..

I'd noticed that I'd started to gain a bit of weight and thought that it was just a matter of spending a few extra minutes on the stationary bike each day...

But then I'd started to get sick to my stomach...

And the telltale signs of a larger belly, one matching Christa's appeared!

Meanwhile, Christa's gestational period quickly came to an end..

And in our pristine kitchen, she gave birth to our second daughter, Catherine.

Adelle adored her little sister and jumped right in with changing diapers, feedings, and rocking her to sleep at night.

Meanwhile, I took advantage of Catherine's sleep pattern and slept when I could.  It looks like I'm going to have to make a few additions to our our ever growing home.  Adelle will be heading off to TRU soon, which will open up her bedroom.  I only hope that Twin Ridge will welcome our Alien child into their lives!


Librarian said...

Life is certainly never boring at this household! I hope you will let us know soon about the half-Alien baby :-)

Mel said...

This house is very busy!! I'm really excited to see the half-Alien baby myself!! I'm always curious to see if they'll be green or have Alien features. :)