Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TRU-Number 6 Joins the Crew

This is our first actual visit to the TRU house. Previously, Paul reminded us that his twin daughters, Debbie and Emily are there and Frankie was just leaving to join her sisters. Let's check in and see how the sisters are doing, shall we? (Frankie has somehow adopted a thick southern accent along her travels, though the family does not live in the south. The family thinks she does it for attention.) Hey, ya'll! This is Frankie. The rest of the House decided that I should be spokes person since I'll be here the longest. In that picture you can see us all. Well, all of us and then some. Well, standin' is Debbie, Colby, Me, Aiden and Gordon. Sittin' is Emily. Oh, I bet you're wonderin' who the guys are, huh? Wellllll, Colby, you'll meet later. The other two, they're my sister's guys. Aiden goes with Debbie and Gordon goes with Emily. More about them later. I should maybe start from when I first got here. You know, beginnin' of Freshman year.
This is what I looked like when I first got here. Debbie and Emily nearly choked on their breakfast when I walked in. I thought they were shocked to see me all grown up, or maybe because mom sent me in a white top. But then I realized I went a little overboard on the make-up. They thought I'd been really upset about leavin' The Ridge, but one phone call from mom told them that I couldn't have gotten out of the house fast enough. So, my two sisters sat me down and advised me to remove the make-up and go with somethin' a little...softer. Okay, truth? They tackled me. I seriously felt like a kid again gettin' all ganged up on by the twins. They used to do it to me all the time when I was a kid. They scrubbed my face so hard I thought they were gonna rip my skin clear off! But, I showed them!
'Ello!!! That's me now! Yep, ain't I just the cutest little thang?! Well, I convinced Em' to make me a new outfit too. You'll see me in that later. Anyway, they were surprised to see I cleaned up so well!
The three of us sat down and got all caught up on what's been goin' on. You know, here and at The Ridge. They haven't set foot in the new house, so I told them what that place was like. Not that I spent much time there myself. I was there for senior year of high school and that was it. Now Gabrielle is on her own in our shared bedroom. I suppose that is until mom and dad decide that their precious Kenny needs his own room. That kid.....he's somethin' else. Playing his twin sister against the rest of the girls at home. Of course mom and dad don't see it. They just see that they have their heir. Whatever.
I started greetin' all the guys who walked by on campus. Why? Because if you're around your two "In-Love" sisters all day long, you start to get lonely. Not to mention, I'm a female who has needs, no?
This guy even had potential. You know, he had that "bad guy" look goin' on. Cute really. But, looks are nothin' when there's nothin' goin' on upstairs. Apparently, this was his second time through Freshman year. Sorry, can't be with someone who can't keep up with my conversations! Too bad, he was really cute!

Then, I never saw this one comin'! Look familiar at all? I didn't greet this guy. He just showed up in the middle of the night! I knew I knew him from somewhere, I just couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then my mom called and told my sister she'd offered a free ride to TRU for one of my former "buddies". I kept waitin' for them to show up, when it clicked!
See the kid with his back to the camera? Yep, that's my so-called "buddy" mom was helpin'. This guy is actually one of Heather's friends!! Who is he, you ask? That would be Colby Wilkie!! I sure hope Heather doesn't get upset when she finds out!! I'm pretty sure she has a good amount of her diary dedicated to him! Anyway, after Colby settled in and set a major, he shared with me how his dream is to one day become an Education Minister. To say he set my heart to pitter patter is understatin' it! My head spun! I couldn't believe it! An intellect! I so wanted to yell "YEEE HAWWW"!
I wasn't the only one in the House havin' great news! Aiden finally asked Debbie to marry him. Debbie was so excited she jumped into his arms right after sayin' "Yes"!
Discussions began immediately between my sisters and I about dresses, jewelry, and of course, make-up. "Frankie, don't go thinking you can wear that crud you call make-up to my wedding! I won't have it. Me and Em' will do your make-up". This comin' from my newly engaged sister. Well, I s'ppose I have to give in this once. After all, it is her weddin'.
Then Aiden shocked the devil outta me! He asked me to show him how to dance. Well, I s'ppose I shouldn't be surprised, afterall, I did get a scholarship for dancin'. But still. When he showed me some of his moves, I nearly died with laughter. I saw Gordon in the kitchen doubled over, and had to hold it together. It wasn't fair that Gordon could laugh, but I couldn't! Anyway, Aiden and I had lessons nearly every night after class. By the time I was through with him, he could out dance light-footed Gordon!
Then, it happened. Colby and I'd been chattin' it up alot lately. It happens. 'Specially if you can reach each other on the same level of intellect. Anyway, he told me I had somethin' in my hair, and next thing you know, I'm havin' the most smolderin' kiss of my life! Okay, so I've never been kissed before, but I KNOW it was smolderin'! I can still feel the heat from it! Well, Em saw me and Colby and after pulled me aside askin' if I was goin' to tell Heather. Shoot, I don't think I have to. I mean, she's still in High School, not to mention back at The Ridge. I think if somethin' was goin' on with Colby and her, he'da said somethin' by now.

Okay, now come's the tear jerker stuff. Graduation time finally came. First it was Em'.
Then Debbie.
Gordon followed after gettin' his grades.
Aiden is a year behind the rest. So, it didn't surprise me that when the other three left, he felt pretty upset. Well, he sat for a few weeks and thought about his choices and finally decided living here without Debbie for any amount of time would "kill" him. His words, not mine. Anyway, I gave him a hug and saw him on his way.
Aiden has that look because Debbie has no idea of his decision! He's plannin' to surprise her. I thought about callin' her up and warnin' her. But, I figure, after all those years of them two torturing me, nawww. She can be surprised!

I made some changes after the crew left. I asked my Colby if he'd mind me dressin' the place up a bit, and he just smiled and told me to go ahead. First, I bought some pillows for that sad sofa in the main room. It's amazin' what just a few pillows can do. Then, I took a lesson on tile work at TRU and redid the bathroom downstairs. Seein' as our guests will be usin' that bathroom, it oughtta look nice!
Well, that's all for now, folks. I leave you with a cute little picture of my sweety playin' him some chess. He get's all serious when he plays that game!

Odd Pic Out: Donkey! You have a monkey sprouting out of your hip!