Saturday, May 22, 2010

One Last Group Update

Our last visit was actually a newspaper article that anounced Andy Snyder and his family had vacated the Twin Ridge House of Worship. Before that, our founder, Paul Snyder attempted to introduce the residents of Twin Ridge, though not easily done when pictures did not exist of most of them. This will be the last entry that is all encompassing of the entire 'hood. From this point on, we will have entries per household, including those at TRU, Twin Ridge University.

Hello, dear readers. My eldest child, Andy, has asked that I assure everyone that he does still live in Twin Ridge by including a picture of his new home. The article that appeared in Twin Ridge Reports, surprised all of us. Andy and his wife hadn't even signed the paperwork signing the House of Worship back over to the town when that article appeared! As far as I know, no one in my family has voiced any desire to take over their old home, contrary to what the article stated. Anyhow, I will start with Andy, as he is our oldest. His family is growing with leaps and bounds. He now is the proud father of 5 children, Alora, Blake, Cheri, Daniel, and Elizabeth. Cheri is their adopted child, who is a darling to the whole family!
Andy's oldest is now a teenager. Christy and I chuckle to ourselves as we hear the stories Andy and Aiyana tell us about the troubles Alora's been getting into. "Really, it's not all that bad", I tell him, "Try having nine daughters"! I can literally see him shudder when I say this to him! Try as I might, I continue to have problems getting pictures of all of his children, but these are what we have:
The only one of the children that I do not have a picture of is the youngest boy, Daniel. I've searched and searched, even Christy was surprised Andy hadn't sent us a picture of him. But, the one in purple, thats Elizabeth, Daniel's twin. Of course, you've already seen a picture of Cheri, the little red head to the right.What is this busy place, you ask? Well, this is our very own, Twin Ridge Bakery. Andy met and befriended the owners while in University. Juan and Opal Harris. Opal can be seen behind the register and Juan is the chef to the left of the picture stocking his shelves. Together, they've had a son, Aaron. Juan hopes to one day pass his business down to Aaron, but right now, Aaron can only think about the girls! Juan emailed us this picture of Aaron shortly after he celebrated his 13th birthday. Both Juan and Opal have red hair, so of course Aaron does too. I'm told that when all three get into an argument together, it's not a place you want to be. Not even a fly on the wall! I heard my daughter Frankie talking on the phone with her niece, Alora, the other night about Aaron. All three teen's have a class together and the two girls apparently think that Aaron is quite the catch. Though that's not exactly the word I heard Frankie use.... As strange as this place looks from the outside, the inside is quite dazzling. (That's another word I heard used the other day! Thought I'd use it here!) This is Twin Ridge Florist, owned and operated by BJ and Christa Steele. Who? Another couple of friends of Andy's. He met them both at University as well, and asked them to move to Twin Ridge. See, Twin Ridge had very few residents before we moved here. Infact, most of the residents consisted of the four legged type. You know, wolves, dogs, cats, skunks, etc. So, when the Snyder's (That's us) moved in, we pretty much took the town over to be ours.
Here is a nice picture of three out of the four Steele's. BJ, Baxter, and Christa. Their oldest child, Adelle, is of course taking the picture. Here is Adelle shortly after becoming a teen. She's a wonderful girl. She's already earned 4 scholarships towards University and working on learning all there is to know about arranging flowers. Though she will not live in the family home when she becomes an adult, flower arranging is not a bad hobby to have!Our second child, yet first born, (yes, I know you can work that one out) is Brittne. She married Armando Do shortly after graduating from TRU. The are now the proud parents of two sets of twins, the first Adam and Brody, Brody being the spitting image of his father, and the second set of twins, Cheri and Danielle. Yes, we already have a "Cheri" in our family, as does happen in many families, especially when families are as large as ours. Thankfully, I do have a picture of all four of her children. Here are the boys, being taught the wonderful skill of studying. Obviously our Brittne was pregnant for the girls in this picture. Brody is on the left, and Adam on the right.
This is the girls, Armando carries Cheri and Brittne has Danielle. Of course, the girls are toddlers now, and Brittne apparently has the baby bug again! They have a large enough home, so I suppose they will have it better than Christy and I did. Also, Armando is a "Rock God" whatever that means, and our Brittne is head of the SCIA. So, financially, they're doing much better than we did. I hear that Armando picked the phone up the other day and hired a butler. A BUTLER, I say! I suppose Brittne will certainly need all the help she can get, especially if there's another baby Do or two on the way! And finally, our last child living on their own is our Carol. If you'll remember, she found love in the most unlikely of sims when she met Rosemarie Jitmakusol at TRU. Carol has told her mother that she fought her desires as much as she could, though all she could think about was the cute and perky little cheerleader who kept popping in the house on campus they rented. So, they both decided to stop fighting it, and began to see each other in more than just a platonic way. Pictures from their wedding were included earlier. They are both now the proud parents of that little boy standing behind them. That is their Aiden. That kid is the smartest kid I've met in my life! He has already become an expert cook, has quite the body skill and can have the most intelligent conversations with you! Now, all of my children are smart, but my grandson is a genius, I tell you!
Andy and his family went over to visit Carola and Rosemarie one Sunday after church. He told me that initially he and Aiyana were uncomfortable accepting the invitation, not really know what to expect. But, it soon became clear that they were just like everyone else. "And, Dad, that kid, Aiden, he's amazing! Carol is so blessed to have such a great kid"! I've never seen Andy so excited over another sims child before! Of course he loves all of his nieces and nephews, but when it comes to kids, his are the greatest, if you get my drift. To hear him talk this way about another child, it's music to my ears!

Now, I didn't have pictures of my two angels at TRU the last time we met. I'm proud to say, I do now! To the left, we have Emily and to the right we have Debbie. My fourth and fifth children, and first set of twins. Obviously they are not identical, Debbie looking very much like her mother, and Emily looking much like myself.

I leave you, dear readers, with a scene from the back yard at my daughter Brittne's house. As I said, she and Armando are certainly doing well for themselves and their family. Soon, we will have an update on what's going on at our home. For now, this is everyone else who didn't show up the last time we met!


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I love the picture of Carol and Rosemarie, and the way Aiden is standing and smiling in the background - so sweet!

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Nice update, Mel, thank you.

Greetings, Bee :)