Sunday, January 17, 2010

Breaking News!

This just in! Twin Ridge House of Worship is up for sale!

It would seem that Andrew Snyder, son of Twin Ridge founding father, Paul Snyder, has turned in the deed to his home and moved out. Reports are saying that he and his wife have found the house attached to the church is too small for their ever growing family.

"It's no wonder he has such a big family, look at where he comes from!" This from long time school friend, Juan Harris who owns with his wife, Opal, Twin Ridge Bakery.

Rumor has it that another Snyder has their eye on the newly vacated House of Worship.

More to come with the next edition of Twin Ridge Reports!


Librarian said...

So, what's the price? How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Is there any duty regarding the house of worship involved for the future inhabitants of the house?
More info for prospective buyers, please :-)

Mel said...

Ah, the author of that article never did give specifics, did they? ;) The lot I actually downloaded from WolfSim68 on TSR. I changed it a bit to allow more room for the kiddies, and lowered the roof of the church, but I don't do well with lots that have basements, and that's where most of the career rewards were. But, on the third floor, there are 3 bedrooms, one full bath and a large community room. The second, main, floor consists of a large kitchen, dining room, family room, and half bath. The basement is one large room. If memory serves me right, the entire lot was around $60,000, after the changes that I made to the original.

As for prospective buyers, they must keep hours of all night in the event a sim should lose the fight of guilty consience and need to make a middle of the night confession! ;)