Friday, January 8, 2010

Time is tickin'

We moved. Well, we tried to move, but the house we moved to was too large. Large? What?! But we have so many children, how could the house possibly be too large?! Well, when it takes me a half hour to get from the back nursery to the car, I know it's too large. So, after celebrating the twins birthday, Christy and I contacted Sim City's one and only reale estate agent and told them what we wanted. The result is the home you see pictured above. Well, it's not really "new", it's new to us, but the style is one that has been around since the beginning of time. Literally. We have the kids upstairs and Christy and I are enjoying ourselves downstairs off the back of the kitchen. No stairs for us! The twins are toddlers now, so the older girls help us out with them a bit more. Frankie is getting closer and closer to graduating high school and joining her sisters, Debbie and Emily at TRU. That's our Frankie. She's on the phone non-stop now. She's always talking to one boy or another. Christy tells me I should just relax, but as the father of 9 girls, it's a little difficult to just relax. Christy seems to have this parenting thing down pat, but I tell you what, it's not all that easy! Frankie has a younger sister, Gabrielle, who will also be heading to TRU soon. She's not as, well, she doesn't express herself as Frankie does. Frankie is our "Goth" girl, and Gabrielle is our hippie child. She's the complete opposite of Frankie. So much so that when we moved to this old farm house, we both were a little worried about telling them they'd have to share a room. But, they both found a way to make it work. I suppose after sharing a room with 4 sisters all their lives, sharing it with just one other wasn't so bad.

That's Gabrielle. She's our hippie slash family girl. She wants to one day become an Education Minister. So, naturally she can't wait to go onto TRU. She can always be found studying something or helping one of her younger siblings at learning to do something new. Christy and I are very proud of all of our children, but everyone has that one child that's their favorite. Oh, don't go acting all shocked. You know darn well that you have one of your children that you like just a tad bit more than the rest. Well, this is that one for us. She's made us both so proud in so many ways.

This is our two youngest. Jennie and Kenny. Christy could not have been happier when the doctor said "It's a Boy!" She'd been wanting a boy since the day child services dropped our Andy off. There is no kinda love like a love between mother and son. Though Kenny is only 2 years old right now, it's been decided that he will inherit our farm house when the time comes. Of course he has no clue right now what that all entails, but one day he will. Jenny took after her mama in the looks department, like the rest of our girls. Each and everyone of them could easily pass for Christy! If not for the different hairstyles, it'd be difficult to tell who is who!

This is our Heather. Yes, I know I'm going in and out of birth order, but this is how the pictures came together. Anyway, that young lady in the background isn't one of my children. Oh no, nope, that's my granddaughter! That's little Cheri, Andy's adopted daughter. He and Aiyana wanted to carry on the tradition of adopting children. Of course, they had no idea that they would have 4 others of their own. Andy's starting to think they may take after us! Whew, for his own sake, I hope not! They all live in a two bedroom home! I can't even imagine! It's hard enough with a 4 bedroom home!
This is a picture of our only other child still living at home, Isabella. She's very much into princesses and castles. She and Heather share a room right now, but once the two older girls move onto college, the middle ones will get their own rooms for a bit. Of course, that is until Jennie and Kenny start to need their own privacy from each other.

Well, Christy and I both had a birthday recently. We no longer are the youthful looking sims that we always wanted to be. But, Christy has retired from being a Captain Hero, a position that our Frankie hopes to one day hold. I've of course quit working years ago, so we are together enjoying our children, watching them grow, and pruning our gardens and sewing our clothes. Once our Kenny graduates from TRU, we will make residence in the retirement home down the street that we encouraged the mayor to have erected. Knowing it wouldn't be long before we'd need a small apartment for ourselves, we pushed the good mayor to make a home for the elderly. We can only cheat death for so long, and I think even Christy will agree, time is a-tickin' away.

Till next time, dear friends. I will be updating you as often as I can. I hope to introduce you to my girls who are TRU next.


Librarian said...

Yay!! An update! Thank you, Mel - I was really waiting to read more about Twin Ridge.
The farm house is, by the way, one that I used for my Gruender family way back then when I was still playing the NPC Challenge. It was full of children - the Gruender couple had a set of naturally born twins and a set of Alien-abduction-born twins very close one behind the other, and it was so busy - but I loved playing that household, there was always something happening :-)

Mel said...

Thanks, Meks!! I have a round of University coming up, and I can not for the life of me remember how long I played it!! LOL I think I did "1 Year" so I'm going to go with that! LOL I love this house! I wanted something that would give the family a lot of room for the kids, and with two getting ready to go on to UNI, I know I'll have even more room soon. Who's to tell how Kenny will expand onto the family once it's his turn?! :)