Monday, October 19, 2009

Introductions, please

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Paul Snyder. This is the first picture of me that we were able to find in our dusty attic. This was me at Twin Ridge University, or as it's known around these parts, TRU. I couldn't tell you why this picture was taken, or who I was on the phone with, but I can tell you one thing, going to TRU was the best choice of my life.

See, I lived in Sim City, as so many do. I was an orphan, which I'm well aware that this is how most stories start. I don't want sympathy. I don't want pity. Really, I don't want anything but to tell our story. When I say "our", I mean my wife, Christy, and our family's. I met my wife at TRU in my sophmore year. She moved to my dorm and at first, she was just another girl. But now, she's my best friend, my soul mate. I was able to find a picture of her as well from those early days.
Of course she'd not be too awful happy if she knew I'd found this, considering that it was hidden on the 250th page of her Physics book. I don't really know if there was a reason for it's location in that book. There didn't appear to be anything of importance on that page, but I snatched it out of that book and hid it fair and square in the one place she'll never look, my top dresser drawer where it just so happens I keep my undergarments!

I should probably mention that we have a large family. I do mean large. And I do not have pictures of each of our children. I do know exactly how terrible that sounds, but once you hear of how many children we have, it may be a little more understanding. I will show pictures of the ones I was able to locate.

This is our first child, who we adopted when we weren't able to get pregnant immediately. This is a picture of Andy on his honeymoon. He married a young lady he also met at TRU. She was the cheerleader for the Llama's. They also have begun growing their family and Andy tells me that he and Aiyana couldn't be having a better time! It would only be natural that he love children so much.

This is our oldest daughter, Brittne. She has a beautiful home that was built by a contractor from Simginia. Very beautiful indeed! Anyway, Christy couldn't have been happier than the day she found out she was pregnant with our first natural born child. It seems like just yesterday that Christy came home from the doctors office with tears in her eyes! Now, Brittne is a parent herself! So many years have gone by, I do wish that we had more pictures of our children. I'm beginning to think we need to get the whole family together again for a family portrait. This is something I'll have to talk to Christy about.

I digress and apologize for the rambling. See, I've only introduced you to two of our children and there are still so many more to go! The next child for me to introduce you to is the only other child living on her own and extending her family by leaps and bounds. This would be Carol. She was always a bit different than the rest of our children, but we love her nonetheless.
She married her college sweetheart, Rosemarie Jitmakusol. Our third child found that those of the opposite sex were just not attractive to her. She felt so uncomfortable around men, and I suppose that may be because of all the females that were in our home. Carol and Rosemarie recently welcomed their first child into their home through adoption!

The rest of my children, I sadly do not have pictures of. However, they are Debbie and Emily our twin daughters who are away at TRU, Frankie, and Gabrielle our two teenage daughters who are close to going onto TRU, Heather our daughter who just started going to school, Isabella our 2 year old and Jennie and Kenny our newborn twins. Kenny being the only natural born son and Christy tells me the last child to be born into our home by us. Kenny will also one day inherit our home. However, he has a very long way to go before that will happen!

Andy invited a few of his friends to move back to Twin Ridge when he came home from TRU. Of course we do not have pictures of them, but they are Juan and Opal Harris who own a little bakery down the street, and BJ and Christa Steele who have just opened a flower shop across from the the Harris' bakery.

Carol has asked that I include a picture of her home as she is so proud of it. I'm very impressed with the craftsmanship and I've tried to get the contractor who built her home to build one for Christy and I, but we are close to retiring and moving to the new Retirement Home that was recently built by a different contractor altogether. But, here is the picture of Carol's home.

I don't really think the picture does the house any justice as it's raining so bad here. But you get the idea.

Well, my good friends, thats the end of my little rambling. Please stick around as I get the opportunity to introduce my family a little better in future posts.


Librarian said...

Wow, that IS a family rich in children if I've ever seen one! Great start, Mel, and I am definitely going to read more, and become one of your followers blog-wise :-)
- Meks.

Mel said...

Thanks Meks!! I'm really having fun with this 'hood. The only reason I stopped playing it is it seemed like such a waste to play and not have a story behind it. I'm glad that I made the decision to write. :)