Monday, May 31, 2010

And Then There Were 7

Previously, the Founding Father, Paul Snyder, gave a quick rundown of how the families residing in Twin Ridge County are doing. A decision was made by the Town Board, which Paul sits as Head Chair, to update our readers per household, rather than by per round. There was too much going on for Paul to be thorough when updating the readers. Hello, dear readers! Paul here, and I'm happy to say that you will only hear from me now when I update you on my house. Each household has been asked to nominate someone to update you, the readers, as to the goings on in their home. In my old age, it's become harder and harder for me to keep up with what's happening in my house, much less of the happenings in other homes. So, without further ado, I present to you my family. Well, those that still live in my home. I have the gold badge in robot making, and complete Twin Ridge County's first official Servo. Sadly, I was not able to activate it until last night, when my next oldest in the house went off to University. But, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. So many firsts for our little town.

While I was building a Servo, Christy was busy playing with her clay and built this Ginormous Pot!! She was so excited about getting her Gold Badge in Pottery and didn't know quite what would come of it. She hadn't expected this. So, after she completed it, I asked Andy and a couple of his friends to come over and help me to move it to the upstairs hallway. She originally wanted to sell it or give it away as a gift, but I told her with this being her first, she should keep it, and see about selling or gifting the rest. She'd have to be careful about gifting it though, as there aren't many sims in our town who have a large enough home to house such a thing.
Our two youngest have become school age. Kenny up front and Jenny in the back. Christy and I were quite sad to find that the two don't get along so well. Kenny gets along better with his older sister, Isabella, than he does his twin. Jenny seems to be somewhat of a loner. I suppose that happens when there are so many children in one home.
The two children continue to share a bedroom, and after only a few days, Jenny has cluttered up her side like any typical child will do. What you can't see is Kenny's side and I assure you, my friends, that Kenny's side is not much tidier!
Our daughter, Heather, has also become a teenager. She of course changed her clothing and hairstyle shortly after this picture was taken, but she has decided that she wants to follow in my footsteps as to having a Lifetime want of raising 20 puppies or kittens. I tried to change her mind, as I know how difficult this can be. I didn't get very far in this desire myself. She's quite athletic, though and asked to have free will with designing her side of her bedroom that she shares with her sister, Isabella. So, Christy gave her our credit card and told her to have fun. I nearly had a heart attack right then and there!
This is the result of her shopping spree. I think the most expensive item was the carpet, thankfully! It was time for a new carpet in that room, anyway.
Our three youngest, Isabella, Kenny and Jenny enjoy the playground we have in the side yard. One day we hope to see our grandchildren that Kenny will father playing on that same playground. For now, we're just happy to see the three playing and not fighting, which is typical of Kenny and Jenny. Of course, good things do not always last forever. Before we knew it, it was time for Isabella to also say "Good Bye" to her childhood.
She has turned into such a beautiful young woman! Not wanting to be outdone by her sister, Heather, she also asked Christy for the credit card. I'm going to be in a hospital before these girls are all in university, I tell you!
I'm not entirely sure she has much of a theme going on here, aside from messy. I suppose I should be happy that she wants to decorate it at all! Of course, with two more teenagers in the house, naturally, the house was bursting at it's seems. Frankie sat down with Christy one evening and told her how she'd like to join her two older sisters, Debbie and Emily, at University. She was able to get multiple scholarships, and we wouldn't have to send her off with a cent. So, after Christy called the twins at TRU, she confirmed that there's a bed available, had Frankie call TRU: And soon she was headed out the door to her waiting taxi: In the background, you can see Kenny and Isabella watching Frankie as she walks out the door.

Christy ran out and took this picture just as Frankie drove away. We are hoping to get a chance to visit the girls soon. For now, Frankie's side of her room that she shares with Gabrielle sit's quietly waiting for a new inhabitant.
We've noticed that Jenny has her eye on the room. It won't be long and Gabrielle will be heading to join her sisters at TRU as well. Our busy, loud home is quickly becoming very empty and quiet!

This is a very busy household to play, but one that is very near and dear to my heart. I started playing this family about 2 years ago, but only just started to tell their story. Unfortunately, I do not have many pictures from the beginning, but I've taken so many now that flashbacks later on, will be a MUST!! I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet!

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