Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nott-What you think

Emily here!  Twin to Debbie and 5th child to Paul and Christy Snyder.  This is Gordon and I getting married.  We did the traditional thing and were married in our back yard with only close family and friends in attendance. 

Debbie was there in all her pregnancy glory!  She sure is beautiful isn't she!?  Once we cut the cake, she couldn't stay away from the cake!

Once we were married, we decided to spruce up the house a bit and while out shopping I took a detour to the little clothing shop in town.  I'm sure we all know what this is a picture of...

Yep, Gordon only minutes earlier surprised me in the fitting rooms...*sigh* that husband of mine is quite the romantic!

We donned our new clothes and look.  We both went for a more adult look.  I did away with my school girl clothes and hairstyle and Gordon decided the Afro was a more college look. 

One of the things we bought while shopping for our home was this cutesie hot tub.  We had more fun in that thing than I think is legal!

Like Debbie, we didn't get pregnant immediately and I started to feel very maternal.  I talked to Gordon and convinced him to make a call...

And we adopted our first pet!

Meet Titus!!  He's the sweetest little puppy yet!  Mom and Dad tried out having cats in our home when I was a kid, and I've always liked dogs more.  So, we're going to try it out and see how it goes.

I love this picture of little Titus trying with all his might to get into his big boy bed.  The struggle was too amusing to not get on film!

Pretty soon I was finding myself running to the restroom to empty my stomach.  I knew immediately all my dreams were coming true!

For some reason, my sisters and I find ourselves running to the sewing machine when we find ourselves pregnant.  I'm not quite sure what that compulsion is, maybe it's the cost of baby clothes.

I noticed one day that my tummy was a bit rounder than I remembered.  It struck me while painting a picture one afternoon and Gordon thought it would be funny to catch my expression on camera!

I couldn't wait to call mom and tell her the good news!  My smile was a mile wide...along with my exhaustion!

Gordon helped out with training Titus.  It seemed I could never catch him before he had to pee, so Gordon was the one responsible for paper training Titus.  Gordon was very busy with working in the Slacker field and housebreaking our puppy.

Soon, our little boy was becoming an adult dog!  The sparkles surrounding him as he transitioned into an adult dog were very reminiscent of our own transitioning period.

The very same day that Titus grew up I went into labor.  Gordon was at work when I found myself in the bathroom (big surprise, right?!) having the labor pains.  So, I had a couple surprises for Gordon when he got home!

Surprise one is little Addison..

And surprise two is baby Bianca!  You thought I meant Titus didn't you?!  Nope, these two beauties were completely natural.  No cheesecake here!  I didn't eat at mom and dad's like Debbie did! 

Big sister Carol came over to welcome the twins.  She was such a huge help those first few days.  I don't work, so most of the household chores are mine.  So while Gordon is at work, Carol helped out with the yard work, as that's her specialty!

Well, that's about it.  Here's a picture of our humble abode.  Thanks to sister Carol, the yard is quite beautiful!  I believe mom and dad are up next, so til next time, I wish you Adieus!

Odd Pic Out:

Titus found out what happens when you get a little too close for comfort to a skunk!

Isn't he just the cutest little pup sleeping in his bed?

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Librarian said...

Again, a very enjoyable read! I just love your houses and the familiar feel your stories give.